How to export game in .swf, .dcr, .zip, or .rar?

Hi, I have just finished my game, and want to put it on, but it says it only takes certain files. So how to I export my game in one of the files in the title? Please help!!!! I really need this! Thanks

For zip:

On windows (vista and above), right click your folder, click "Send To > Compressed (Zipped) File"

On mac, right click your folder, click "Compress 'Your Folder Name' "

Otherwise, download a tool such as 7zip ( to do the zipping for you

Collinbxyz: You cannot export your game as a .swf or .dcr file because that's an entirely different format altogether (sort of like flash). RAR files are just a special kind of zip file (it works better but is less popular), and as Mike already explained, both Windows and OSX will compress your files for you.

If you want to submit a standalone player to the website, simply create Windows and Mac binaries, and then zip them up (including the data folders).

If you want to submit the game as a webplayer, unfortunately, I don't think AddictingGames takes Unity webplayer games, but there are other sites that do.

You may successfully work with .rar files by the using of to fix damaged winrar

This guide will learn you how to make it easy