How to export objects that are part of a single imported FBX file

Hi all

I have this large scene object made in 3DS Max and it has different objects in it, all part of the same mesh. When I go into unity, I can click on and select each object separately, however if I select the mesh under the mesh renderer, it shows that mesh under the scene FBX.

Is there a way I can separate each object from the parent mesh as a new object?

Two ways to do that :

  • In 3DS Max, you can export every mesh separately with File > Export > Export Selected
  • In Unity you can ‘break’ the fbx prefab by dragging a child out of his hierarchy, and make a new prefab from it. But if you do this and then if you modify the fbx file with 3ds max and import it again, it can be pretty messy depending of how much you broke up the fbx prefab in unity.

You can use the FBX Exporter (from Package Manager) to save the desired objects as separate fbx files.