How to export/save baked lightmap? (Unity 2017)

Is it possible to export/save lightmap for later use? And how?

I want to bake lights with very high quality which takes long time and save it somewhere, so i can continue editing/tweaking stuff to improve my scene with low-quality, then i can ‘recall’ higher quality one whenever i wish.

Note: I am aware if i decided to change objects or lights, i need to rebake.

Note 2: I use Progressive Lightmapper and Unity 2017.1.0f3

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here. If you bake the lightmap then you can just have it on while editing. If you modify the scene however you’ll need to rebake anyways.

As for a more direct answer, no I don’t think you can save the lightmap and then reapply it.

In the forum thread, i get a great response & solution. Here is Lightmap Switching Tool that allows to save and load baked lightmaps.

Here is a quick demo i made with 3 different lightmaps switching in play mode.

Demonstration of Lightmap Switching Tool