How to expose a struct type variable from dll, which is not declared [Serializable]

In my project I’m using a dll that contains a public struct like the following:

public struct DLLStructName { public float SomeValue; }
It is not declared [Serializable].

Now I’m declaring:
public class MyClass { public DLLStructName structObject; }

What I would like to achieve is that in the editor property view I can modify DLLStructName.SomeValue.

What is the best way to achieve this?

If you put System.Serializable and make the values public the struct is exposed, other then that. You would probably have to make an editor script to expose them.

		public struct Attachments
			public Transform scopeModPos;
			public Transform muzzleModPos;
			public WeaponAttachment scopeMod;
			public WeaponAttachment muzzleMod;

		public Attachments attachmentConnectionLocations;