How to extend the detail clipping furthur?

I have my camera set up on my character for third person. It’s clip is near 0.3 far 1000. The detail on the terrian clips in a perfect circle at a certain distance. Right where the wall ends is about the end of the detail. I tried adjusting the camera. I tried adjusting the terrian details but nothing. I read through unitys docs that’s how I knew to play around with detail’s in terrian. It just clips too close that it’s noticeable during game play. Past the circle is just a color with no details. Anyone have this problem, and what can I do to solve it. I already tried adjusting the far.


just increase the far clip.

So I had to make a new project, and redo everything. Something bugged out on the last project. As stated below the far clip should be the normal way to extend the visual, or details within view.