How to fade color of new UI-components with iTween

I want to make an ui image to fade in using iTween.

it seems that the new UI (since 4.6) components’ color properties are not supported? What am I doing wrong in this code snippet?

iTween.ValueTo(icon.gameObject, iTween.Hash("from", new Color(1f,1f,1f,0f), "to", new Color(1f,1f,1f,1f), "time", 2f, "onupdate", "OnColorUpdated"));

I even downloaded the updated version of iTween.

Bit of a late answer @Noxury but here is how I am doing it:

    [Tooltip("Reference to a UI image for fading in")][SerializeField] 
    private UnityEngine.UI.Image FadeImage;

    [Tooltip("Length of the fade")][SerializeField] 
    private float FadeTimer = 2f;

    [Tooltip("Delay until fades beghins")][SerializeField] 
    private float FadeInDelay = 1f;

    [Tooltip("Color to fade to")][SerializeField] 
    private Color EndColor = Color.white;

    [Tooltip("Color to fade from")][SerializeField] 
    private Color StartColor = Color.clear;

    public void updateColor(float val)
        FadeImage.color = ((1f-val) * StartColor) + (val * EndColor);

    private void Fade()
        // Commented out unity cross fade since this seems to 
        // have bugs when working on transparent images
        // FadeImage.CrossFadeColor(FadeColor, FadeTimer, false, true);