How to feature WebGL build on SquareSpace?


I would like to put my games on my SquareSpace website so they run in the browser. I really don’t care how. In a perfect world, my files would also be hosted on my SquareSpace account.

I have found exactly one article on the internet explaining how to embed a WebGL game on SquareSpace, and it starts with “Step 1, put your files on DropBox.”

I have tried several different methods but nothing has worked. I even created a stupid DropBox account solely for the purpose of embedding a link on SquareSpace. That didn’t work either.

This was very straightforward with the old WebPlayer, but it seems impossible with WebGL.

So, UnityTechnologies, or any other experts out there…, how do I host my game on my website so that other people can play it in their browser?

Note, I am not the owner of the servers on which my website resides. I understand if I owned the server, there are some access settings I could change to permit people to view a WebGL game, but that is not the case for me.

Thanks for any help!

@madrobot If you have a good game, try to suggest and publish it on other website (for example, Y8 WebGL Games) and then iframe it from there.