How to fill a Clipping plane hole shader (Amplify Shader Editor)

I’m trying to create a “clipping plane” shader, which as of now it works, the thing is, I need 2 things:

  1. “fill” the hole with a material or texture
  2. get the cut area and cut the exact same shape of another Quad that holds a texture to fit the hole

Currently, my shader uses this to achieve the “clipping plane”:

PS: I’m using Amplify Shader Editor because of project I’m working for uses this, I don’t think I can use Shader Graph. I could write a regular shader tho, but I know nothing about shaders and less about coding them.

With Render Type being “Transparent”
And Cull mode turned Off

Working like this:

Here you can see a Capsule being “clipped” by a Quad.

As I mentioned above, I need to fill that hole in the two ways mentioned.

Anyone has any idea how to achieve that with Amplify?