How to fill texture that would be avaliable to ither shaders?

How to create a simple pixel color shader that say takes a texture, applyes something like masking:

                                        half4 color = tex2D(_Texture0, i.uv.xy);
                                        if(distance(color, mask) > _CutOff)
                                            return color;
                                        }else{return static_color}

in and returns a texture that can be passed to next shader from c# code in a way like mats[1].SetTexture("_MainTex", mats[0].GetTexture("_OutputTex"));? Example wanted.

You do know that you can access other components in your project. No need to really rely on passing a bunch of variables. That can get a bit confusing when you have thousands of lines of code. Instead, get a texture.

Textures myTex = Resources.Load("Materials/MyTexture", typeof(Texture)) as Textures;

And just make sure it’s global ( variable ‘Textures’ ). . . .
And accessing it from another script just requires a GetComponent() .

TexturesScript : Textures_Scripts = GetComponent ( Textures_Scripts ) ;

 mats[1].SetTexture("_MainTex", mats[0].GetTexture(TexturesScript.myTex));

Please let me know if I misunderstood your question.