How to fill Unity ads payment invoice for the first time

Hi guys,
I wanted to know that how can I fill out the 2 invoice forms which are needed for payment of Unity ads revenue.I had searched on Google but I can’t find any filled out form.A screenshot will also help.
Another question is that one of the invoice templates is in xls format but the instructions clearly show that we have to send both of them in pdf format.Will I have to convert it to pdf ?
Thanks in advance.

I have that question too.

If you go to, and click “Invoicing”, it’ll give you instructions on how to do it. I was struggling myself to find the proper format; I remember seeing it somewhere, but I just forgot where. Hope this helps!

Hello, I want to receive i my first payment and I do not know how I do it, how do I fill out the fatuca, could anyone help me?
Thank you!