How to find a prefab in another scene?

OK, in my game I save a gameObject in a prefab but after that it opens an other scene, an I want to create that prefab in that scene but the problem is that I don't know how to search for a prefab, but what Is different is that I am planning to create lots of prefabs with same tag, layer, etc... and know actually what object I am talking about in the other scene. So my question here would be, how to find a prefab in another scene? Note: I am using JavaScript.

A little confused on the question.

Are you trying to instantiate a prefab at runtime? If so read Instantiating Prefabs.

If you just want to put a prefab in a scene, you can just drag the prefab from Project panel.

Or if you want to transfer a object or data between 2 scenes, you can use the don't destroy on load function

Otherwise I'm not really sure what you're asking