How to find and call a function on a scene object from UnityEvent that has a prefab referenced.

I have a UnityEvent field on a ScriptableObject, it accepts only prefab objects. How can I find that prefab in the scene and run that function in it.

I can get the Component referenced from UnityEvent and use that to find the object, but it only gives the function as a string.
And Components have no Invoke() on them, and SendMessage() doesn’t seem to work on built-in components (I get “no receiver” error).

I feel like I’ve missed something obvious, and there is a much simpler way to do this. But at this point I could even go for a spaghetti solution as long as it works.

Bypassed it by registering events on a scene object then before invoking from a scrtiptableobject checking if this event exits in scene and invoking it there.