How to find feedback on rejected assets for the Asset Store?

Recently I tried to get a few Assets into the Asset Store, only simple things but good high quality models, they were either free or $2 depending on the amount of work I put into them.

After waiting 5 days (which is fine and well within the time frame unity set out) I get this reply:

‘Hi ,
Thanks very much for your submission to the Asset Store.
‘3D Globe’ has been declined.
We’ve reviewed the submission and consistent with the criteria considered in our approval process, we have chosen not to publish this asset. However, we greatly appreciate the time and effort spent in preparing your submission.
Kind regards,
The Asset Store Team’

Now I’m a massive fan of Unity but really? How can I improve my work and get it onto the Asset store with that response?

I’ve responded to the email asking for more information, is there anything else I can do to find some real, none-standard, feedback as to why this didn’t make it onto the Asset store? It’s just a little frustrating.

any updates? I have the same problem.

From the FAQ:

Remember that we look for assets that are of significant utility. If your package has a single use or consists of a single asset then try making it part of a pack.

It is unlikely that a single model of a globe (which, let’s be honest, sounds an awful lot like a sphere primitive with a texture wrapped around it) would be regarded of significant utility.