How to find free music

I am working on a game and have some nice music playing in the background. As of now all that music has been downloaded for free via Someone recently told me that if I plan on making my game public and downloadable, then I cannot use this music because it is for personal use only. As a single developer of my game does this apply to me too? Is there anyway I can use this music? If not, are there any places that have totally free music that can be published?

Check the forums

There's a ton of public-domain and creative commons music at has a ton of sound files and loops.

Hi im a music producer and sound designer interested in add my music and sound Fx to video games i can give you some of my work to put in your video game for free i need to create my reel email me, Thanks

here’s the website for free downloadable music XD

I know this is an old post but you really need tailored music done via a composer if the music is going to mean anything, for example not just set the mood but accompany the emotions that the player will experience in a seamless way. You may have guessed that I am a composer…

Video Game Composer For Hire

I’ve created over 1000 tracks of music and sound effects that everyone is welcome to use as long as I’m attributed properly…(please see my homepage.)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

There is a choice of music for games, a different style, look.

Why don’t you try DOVA-SYNDROME?

You can download and use over 8000 BGMs for free.
Its sound used by a lot of games and YouTube creators.

@mbreen --------- is a good place to look for.
Just make an account.


Hi. Do you Know DOVA-SYNDROME? 
Lots of songs and loops here ! It’s often used in Japanese free games.
Their license permits to use their sounds as background music for commercial games.
YouTube Channel :
DOVA-SYNDROME YouTube Official - YouTube

At there are a few public domain and totally free downloadable music songs and loops, as well as a wide range of royalty-free music that requires the payment of a small license fee in order to download and use the music in games etc. It is a one-off license fee which means you can use the music again and again if desired without accumulating more costs.
The main thing when looking for music to use commercially, even on a small scale, is that you are licensed to use it. That covers you from any potential problems down the track. If someone hears or discovers you are using music illegally it could cause serious headaches down the track. There is plenty of free or cheap license music out there.