How to find inputs for model

Hi, I wanted to play around with the Sentis.
First I loaded a sample for one input and one output and read the data back.
Then I downloaded the GPT2 language model but I do not know how to set inputs for for it. When I have assumed that there is only one I got an error that the logits key is missing in a dictionary. So I have added it as one of the inputs, and now in the output, I get the same data as in the input (I am passing floats).
Is there any place where I can find onnx models with good input output documentation?

For sentis side input documentation

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Thanks for your reply.
Off topic. This site is missing “report spam” option for answers. The answer below is generated with Chat GPT only links that are not related to the topic are added. I have tested it. The answer on the OpenAI site is very similar.

Hi @Micz84, you can report posts via the flag function:

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