How To Find Meshes Without Normals for Global Illumination?

My game has 999+ warning log entries that say:

Mesh does not have normals for Global
Illumination. Please ensure there are
normals in your modelling package, or
set the Normals property to Calculate
on the Asset.

The problem I have is that I do not know which mesh the log entry is referring to, and double-clicking on the log entry does nothing. I’ve tried just finding all meshes in my project, and enabling the property

Normals: Calculate

for all of them, but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

Is there any way to find out which mesh is causing the problem?

One thing I do is hide all the objects in the scene, then bake the light. Then keep turning a few objects on and back again till the error appears.

The solution that helped me is what L_K_M mentioned in the comments:

disable static on all text objects.