How to find scripts location in Hierarchy?

I am tired of clicking through the hierarchy trying to find where X script is so I can look at it’s public variables when testing things out. Especially from scene to scene when placement might be different. How do you stay organized? Find in scene wasn’t that useful. Guess I might have to look into editing the inspector. I hope it’s easy enough to do. Maybe an asset could help?

As somebody already stated, you can right click on a script in the project tab, click on “Find References in Scene”. Depending on the size of the project, this may take a bit and Unity may seem unresponsive until the search is completed.
An alternative to this is to search the type you need in Hierarchy search tab with by typing t:TheTypeYou’reLookingFor. The results, if any, appear instantly and you can search for Unity classes too (t:camera - will return all camera scripts in the scene).

An useful tool for hierarchy management is QHierarchy.

Yeah I didn’t look in the hierarchy, lol. I didn’t see any objects light up in the scene because its on an empty object and thought that was that but it does show them. Thanks everyone. I also didn’t even notice the search bar up there it’s so small!