How To Find the Answers to Your Problems?

This is a serious question, anyone here who will not answer me seriously, don’t even answer at all. Even though this is a serious question, there’s no denying that it’s stupid to ask, but I’m going to anyways. How do Unity developers end up finding out how to do certain things with their code to make it work? Or in other words, how do they find the answers they are looking for? Most of the time I hear answers like “Problem Solving”, but that’s horribly vague and is no help to me at all. I myself solve my problems by either A. Guessing my way through the code that I have until it just works. B. Looking up tutorials that are similar to what I’m trying to do. C. Asking for help on the answers and forums. D. Giving up and trying something else.

So how do they do it? Do they just watch a bunch of tutorials, practice it, and when some idea sparks in their heads, they remember a certain part of a code they learned from a tutorial and they just implement it and make it work?

Well first you’d need to learn the basics of the language you choose to create scripts in (C#, Javascript or Boo.)

Next you’d plan out what it is you intend on doing code wise. Not actually write it obviously, but something like this possibly (some people call this pseudo-code):

if(shoot button is pressed)
shoot bullets

After that, I’d recomend looking up the methods you’d need to call from the Unity documentation (found here:

For example, in this instance you’d need to find out how to detect if a button has been pressed. You could use the search box on that page to search for something like, ‘Input’. If you scroll down the list of results you’d see a method called ‘Input.getButton’ which is what we would need. if you needed any more info then you could just click on that result and find out more.

Hope that helps :).