How to find which script changed AudioSource.volume

Is it possible by debugging with MonoDevelop to find out which script has changed variable in Unity’s built-in component?

For example, I have a project that has 10 script that possible change AudioSource.volume variable on a gameobject’s component. Of course, I don’t want to read every 10 script to find out which line has changed the AudioSource.volume variable. That’s why I want to know is there a way debug with MonoDevelop which shows the line of code that changed the variable or call stack every time when the AudioSource.volume variable has changed.

You can do script debugging if you check the box in build settings before making a build. I’m also pretty sure it works if you just put a breakpoint there.

However your best bet is to use Debug.Log to make each script yell out it’s name when it’s changing the volume.