How to fire an arrow. C#

Hi there, I am trying to desgin a tower defence game in C# where the turrets will fire an arrow at an enemy when they enter the turrets radius. So far I have enabled the turrets to detect when the enemy enters the radius and have the turrets destroy the enemy instantly using

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
    if (other.gameObject.tag == "Enemy")

However instead of using the destroy function, I'd like the code to instantiate an arrow and project towards the enemy before it destroys it. Of course i'll have the problem that i need to make head of the arrow facing towards the enemy as well so this won't be easy by any means. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

What you'll probably want to use for this are:

So, it shouldn't be too hard. Of course, you'll also have to add a way for the arrow to fly towards the enemy. This could be physics based - but you might want to avoid gravity because with gravity it becomes really non-trivial. The faster you make the arrow fly, the easier it will be ... or, you simply make the arrow always hit the target (which might be considered cheating, though ;-) ).

Or, if you want to avoid physics, you could simple let the arrow "move forward" via script (by moving the object "manually", using Time.deltaTime to make sure the velocity is independent of the framerate.

// Assumes the arrow has a script that drives it forward.

// 1. Create an arrow.
var arrow = (GameObject)Instantiate(arrowPrefab);

// 2. Position it on self.
arrow.transform.position = transform.position

// 3. Make it face the other object.