How to fix black screen on iphone X

Seems to be a very old issue with Vuforia.

It’s been two weeks now that I have tried everything to fix black screen on my iPhone X to experiment Vuforia and Unity. I have followed all the tutorials without success.
I have checked compatibility, latest versions etc. Nothing solves this frustrating issue.

Vuforia 2021.2.8f1
XCode 13.2.1
iPhone X iOS 15.2

App is installed, calls to open the camera, but screen remains back without interaction. On my macbook, all seems to work well.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Interesting to be said, Vuforia is very expensive for facing such a long time issue without a definitive instruction and guide for the users. When you make contact with the sales team saying: I want to buy, but can’t fix this issue, the response was: follow the instructions and post your query on the forum.

I also suggest posting on the Vuforia Community Forums instead to get the highest chance of a response. I’m very active there to help the community with any issues they might have related to Engine. I also suggest getting the logs from your device so that it can be passed on to our R&D.