how to fix blurry text on android

Looking for some ideas or a solution to blurry text elements in UI when building to android.

1.I have set my project up with correct platform

  1. Ensured aspect ratio is correct.
  2. Tried pixel perfect on/off
  3. UI scalar , multiple settings, lowest possible reference resolution, mid and high range
  4. multiple reference PPU
  5. Font Scaling/overflow trick.
  6. Multiple fonts, and font types.
  7. set project quality to max
  8. followed all the advice in Fix Blurry UI text? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Even the “made with unity” is blurry as anything, cannot read the text.
This issue appeared first when converting from 5.X to 2017.1, and I have not been able to correct, Even blank projects built with zero content and only the unity splash screen exhibit the issue.

Hello there,

Scaling up the object and then reducing the font size USED to be a solution, but there is much better one now.

I recommend using TextMesh Pro. It’s fast, it’s good, it’s easy to learn, and it’s pretty robust.
It is also completely free now, since Unity bought it.

Hope that helps!



Try to do something similar like in link but increase not font size, increase text element size to very big and then set scale to low.

Is that , set the text box to overflow, set font size to 200 or so, then scale back to 0.2? Was the top result in the step 8, and yes, tried, but failed.

As far as I am aware, having never used Unity Remote, it doesnt give you a representation of an actual Test Build but instead streams the build from your desktop. Its mentioned that you can change the image compression in your project settings. It was always intended for input and other such workings but was never meant for graphical test. My information could be out of date.
The only way to properly test is to deploy a Build to Device. If that is having issues for you then check your Default Quality settings, which may be set lower for devices and make sure you use a good Android compatible compression.

When it comes down to it, this may not be a Unity issue at all but in fact an Android issue. I do believe that this problem occurs on Android as a result of incompatible DPI scaling, which can be set automatically for Apps. I’m completely unsure of Unity’s ability to change this at the moment but the Android API would suggest that you can disable Scaling for the App, which you could achieve in Unity with a Plugin. The process would be similar to the plugin I wrote on the “Detect hard or soft buttons” QA.

My Android device has several options for scaling and messing with Fonts including some Text Clarifying nonsense that came with a 3rd party keyboard, preinstalled and active when I received my phone. Hunt through your device and switch all this stuff off and test again, before making any drastic changes elsewhere.

I havent yet read this but I think you might want to

Look at this Android API page on the manifest and Screen setup. It mentions a compatibility mode which is ill-advised due to its effects of UI pixelisation due to Zooming.

PC build :Here’s a video how to do it in 1 min Fixing BLURRY TEXT/ LOW QUALITY TEXT unity - YouTube
mobile build : make it best fit and max 300 and It will work fine on mobile however it might look blury on Unity.