How to fix broken combo animation?

if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Mouse0) && comboIndex < comboParams.Length && stamina > 5) {
isAttacking = true;

		anim.SetTrigger (comboParams [comboIndex]);
		if (comboIndex > 1)
			anim.ResetTrigger (comboParams [comboIndex - 1]);


		comboIndex = (comboIndex + 1) % comboParams.Length;
		myStats.Fatigue (8);

		resetTimer = 0f;

	if (comboIndex > 0) {
		resetTimer += Time.deltaTime;

	if (resetTimer > fireRate) {
		anim.SetTrigger ("Reset");
		anim.ResetTrigger ("Attack1");
		anim.ResetTrigger ("Attack2");
		anim.ResetTrigger ("Attack3");

		comboIndex = 0;

		isAttacking = false;

i got this from a forum and when I tried it it worked great. however, while ‘testing’ the game and spamming the button, i realized that the triggers would sometimes stay active and the other animations wouldnt play. Heres how the animator is set.

The animation would often get stuck at the third stab animation whenever I spam the attack button.

are you getting any error messages? Not just pertaining to animation but ANY? I have come across similar situations where my animation wasn’t working like it ought to and after beating my head against the wall trying to fix animations, I ended up just fixing some other error that popped up - totally unrelated to the animation - but caused the malfunction when it popped up at runtime