How to fix canvas/camera ratio

The problem is the screen ratio being changed in full screen mode. I fixed that for the game itself by adding borders that have the same colour as the background.However I still can not solve the issue with text scaling in full screen so I would like to know how to either fix the screen ratio even in full screen(I assume this isn’t possible since to go into full screen the ratio has to change to the monitor size) or how to fix the text scaling to my ratio of 3:4.

This is the game currently(Full screen issues)

I split the question up into 2 parts since I already found a solution to the canvas full screen issue.
This is the second part of the question for anyone interested

Fixed the first problem by adding a canvas scaler to the canvas and setting the UI scaler to scale with screen size and using the canvas width/height as the reference resolution and setting the screen match mode to Expand

Here is the updated version

However I still have no idea why time.timescale fixed the bad collision any help is much appreciated