How to fix failed to load assets/Plugins/filename.dll with error the specified module could not be found and DllNotFoundException: Assets/Plugins/filename.dll

Hi! I have a project that uses dlls and the project works fine on 5 computers, some of which have the exact same hardware. I get these errors on three machines, 2 of which have the exact same hardware as other computers that work (Alienware laptops). The other computer it isn’t working on is a razorblade laptop. I am really at a loss as to how to fix these errors and the project does not work since the dll is not being loaded. The errors I am getting are failed to load 'Assets/Plugins/filename.dll with error ‘The specified module could not be found’. and DllNotFoundException: Assets/Plugins/filename.dll errors

I have tried reimporting the dll, replacing the copy of the dll, reimporting everything, deleting the project and recopying it onto the machine from both uncompressed and compressed versions, updating windows to the latest, repairing visual studio, moving the dll to the assets folder, moving the dll to assets/plugins/x86_64, uninstalling and reinstalling visual studio, uninstalling and reinstalling the C++ redistributables, and uninstalling and reinstalling .net 3.5.

If it matters the dll that is not loading is a debug version and its pdb file is in the project. I don’t know that this somehow matters though since it works fine on other machines. I have also asked IT at my job if there is any kind of security reason that these machines aren’t working but they don’t seem to think so. Any help is appreciated. I have been searching all over google trying to solve this issue for 3 days now.

All i have read up about failed native dll loading is that debug versions do that. So it would be recommended to NOT use debug builds as native plugin dll’s in Unity