How to fix /Library/ conflicts in GitHub repo for Unity project?

We got it so that the Unity Project folder doubles as our git repo. We made the git repo and forgot to get the .gitignore file in there. Now /library/ conflicts are preventing anyone from working with the repo, even after we created the .gitignore file in the master. We aren’t sure how to fix this without losing a lot of work and starting over in GitHub.

Our repo is at the following link: GitHub - warpaltarpers/grayhaven: Repository for Gray Haven for IMS487A Fall '17

Please help us on this one, as we can’t move forward without fixing this, and we would rather not delete the repo to start over with version control.

IMO you need to remove the Library folder from the repository. Adding an entry to gitignore doesn’t stop it tracking files that it’s already tracking.

This should help…

Having removed the folder from tracking, people should be able to delete their local Library folders and have Unity regenerate them without impacting on each other.