How to fix lighting on spheres made in Blender?

Hey guys,

I’m not sure why this is the case, but if I create a sphere inside of Unity, it looks like a sphere and the lighting on it is smooth and round like it should be, but if I create a sphere inside of Blender and import it to Unity, the lighting on the surface is blocky. In each of the attached images, from left to right I have a UV sphere made in Blender, a sphere made in Unity, and an ico sphere made in Blender. In the second image I show that Unity’s sphere has significantly less triangles than the other 2 spheres so how is it that it appears smoother? All three spheres have the same standard shader applied to them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


By default Blender use hard edge representation. In Unity it will duplicate vertex with different normal value to create this flat representation.

Two solutions :

  1. In Blender, select your sphere in object mode : Tools > Shading > Smooth
  2. In Unity, import settings: Normals > Calculate > Apply