How to fix MacOS color picker color shift?

I just noticed to my amazement today that the Unity color picker under MacOS creates a color shift when picking a color from a color field in the Inspector UI! It makes no difference if I use the Unity picker or the MacOS native picker.

There must be some color profile interfering with it. I know that color profiling is partly black magic, but I would still like to consistently pick colors inside of the UI (I just tried it on my Windows PC and lo and behold it works there! So what’s up with Apple?)

Nevermind! I just found a solution together with a fellow developer: If you switch the color profile of the monitor (in Settings > Displays) to sRGB IEC… then the color shift goes away. Looks like Unity is grabbing from the color corrected buffer from MacOS but corrects it for the wrong profile?

Not ideal for the perceived colors, but I’m not planning to do illustration on this monitor in the next time…