How to fix pixelated textures?

When I built and updated my android game most of the textures became very pixelated. This has never happened before. The GUI Textures are still the same though.

If you want to see the difference you can download the game on Google Play here.
The preview pictures are how it is supposed to be, and inside the game you can see the difference.

I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could help!

What format is the texture in? I couldn’t check out the game because I don’t have an android device with me right now. Anyway in android, whenever you import the textures the format changes to ‘compressed’ format. Go to the texture in the inspector, change its format from ‘compressed’ to ‘truecolor’. If it is already in truecolor then check out the following thread :

If the problem still exists, there is probably something wrong with the shader

Instead of trying to get downloads in a sleazy way, why not just post some screenshots?
Someone with no android device might know how to help…