How to fix scene too dark at runtime?

The scene looks fine in the editor, but when I runs it my objects have a black shadow and the lighting isn’t the same. I have a rotating directional light in the scene to simulate night and day and I’ve had this issue before where if the scene started in the night time (directional light pointing above x axis) and I fixed it by making sure the scene always starts in the daytime (directional light pointing below x axis). But now it is doing this regardless of where the light points. Thanks in advance for any help!!


For myself, this issue seemed to have been caused by my switching from between dark and light sky boxes during day and night.

Looks like the ambient lighting in unity is by default associated with your Sky box. When the game started at night, it used my dark sky box to set my ambient light levels. This which made everything quite dark.

This can be fixed by going into Window → Lighting → Scene. Change Ambient source to Color instead of SkyBox and set the Ambient Color to a light grey.

Hope this helps.

Old post, but this may help anyone else trying to solve this problem: If you’ve set your ambience setting to skybox, and your shadows are extremely dark, go to your directional light and lower the strength setting. Should fix it.

Try adding an area or spot light to the scene.