How to fix stuttering of balls falling under gravity force.

I used Rigidbody2D, with gravity scale equal to 0.1, and Interpolate is set as Interpolate. The rest of setting you can see on the right-hand side one the video posted below:

Stuttering with Unity 5.6.2f1 Personal - YouTube .

My problem is that it stutters significantly (see 5-6 sec, 13-14 sec). There is nothing special in the game scene just several balls falling under gravity working on MacBook Pro. FPS is also very good. Anyone knows how to fix this?

As Unity uses fixed-timestep physics you should deal with temporal aliasing caused by the accumulation of a remainder at each frame. For this reason you should use Interpolation setting on rigid body. But the Interpolation does not work in Unity Editor. So this should be deployed on the actual device and only then checked.