How to fix Tilemap Colliders catching player?

I am making a game prototype at the moment and ran into an issue where after setting up a basic player movement and tilemap system and if i walk over the tile it sometimes catches the player, and stops them from moving. This only happens at the corners and when i walk over it, not when i jump next to it. Also, is there any way to condense the tilemap colliders into a few, larger colliders, which would also stop this issue. I am on 2021.1 LTS

HI! I can think of some things that might cause this problem that you are facing, so it’s hard to tell without more information. If you want to group colliders in tiles you can use the “Composite Collider 2D” component. However, I think this will not prevent your issue. There’s also another thing you can try, and that is changing the “Custom physics shape” in the sprite editor window, that way you can try to remove the collider irregularities in tiles by yourself.