How to fix Unity terrain tree billboards issue with scattering?

Hi! I’m using Forward \ Linear light. Replaced standard billboard shader to AfsBillboardTree v4, but the problem is still there. The billboard of standard unity terrain does not work (unity 5.3.3) with volumetric light and scattering filters. They looks dark at night, like there is no scattering on billboards. Tried everything I found in network. The last chance to survive! -)) Help!! Please! !

@Liens The only way to hold this question I found is to modify unity standard billboard shader. Actually, I used some volumetric light asset from store. Usually developers include some modified billboard shaders with packages. It automatically replaces build in shaders that a hidden ones. The trouble here is that you can have a couple of assets in you project that have modified billboard shader, so they start to interrupt to each other causing mess effects.

You have to keep track of imported modified billboard shaders in your project and try to find a combination of assets that can work smoothly with only one modified shader. Ya, that is not the best salutation but the way out, if you not a shader programmer gay like me.

For me the problem happened when I use advanced foliage shaders and volumetric light assets from store. The solution was to find and kill modified foliage shader and keep volumetric modified billboard shader in project.