How to focus on UI element?

I am trying to manually set the focus onto a UI element through a script. I have looked some places and the only solution I found doesn’t seem to work.

I know how to use the event system, but I am working with the OUYA and the event system isn’t setup to support OUYA input.

To sum, how do you manually set focus on a button and how do you manually Submit on the focused button.

JavaScript would be much appreciated.

Well all you need you will find in the EventSystem class. Specifically SetSelectedGameObject.

This question has already been asked here.

In some cases it is important to disable focus before setting focus again.

Example: I had a canvas with several buttons, a single button was selected by myButton.Select(). Then I tried to hide my canvas (so I was disabling the canvas gameObject that included the button GameObject) and right after that I activated the canvas again - but the focus was not set on the button that had focus before.

The solution was to remember what button has been clicked/focused before. The script on the canvas was then handling OnDisable() and OnEnable() to disable focus and set focus again. That’s it.

private void OnDisable()

private void OnEnable()