How to follow carriage train to engine using iTween and their path

Hey friend ! Here i am using a cube(engine) which is following iTweenPath and i want to add one or two more cube as a carriage(train box)which should follow the engine(cube).But i cant get any idea, how to follow carriage train to engine.Some what like attached image.cube(2) must follow cube(1). Please help me friends,any kind of help would be appreciated.



You could use hinge joints.

  • Add rigidbody to engine and set

  • useGravity = false

  • use kinematics = true

  • if needed add xz-rotation constraints

  • Add Rigidbody to the carriage and set

  • useGravity = false

  • Add a hinge joint to the carriage and set

  • connectedBody to the engine

  • Adjust Anchor and axis (axis should be (0,1,0) so the arrow is pointing upwards)

  • Use Limits = true

  • MinLimit = -20

  • MaxLimit = 20

With this you could connect more carriages, just set the next connectedBody Rigidbody to the previous one.

Apologies for errors because I posted this from my mobile phone.