how to freeze a rigidbody onto of another?

hey guys, I am trying to make a 2d breakout sort of spin off and I want to add a little tweak to the gameplay, what I want to add is overtime the ball comes back into contact with the paddle the ball sticks to the paddle, so then you have to click again to fire the ball off again?
I am so unsure of how to do it, could someone please show me a code example or explain how I would do this please?

I am scripting in c# as well

You should check when they are in contact with OnCollisionEnter2D and if they are you should set the ball’s rigidbody 2D to be kinematic and set the paddle to be its parent than when you want to fire it you should unparent it and set it’s rigidbody 2D to nonkinematic and apply a force to it.