How To Freeze An Object Motion?

I'm trying to stop an object motion by applying force on it. For example, how could we freeze a free falling object in the air just by applying some force on it that would effectively set its velocity to zero?

Setting the velocity to zero manually would work fine if we decrease the FixedTimestep variable to a very low value, otherwise, the object would still fall slowly.

I've tried to apply a force equal to -velocity * mass, but the object still falls slowly.

Could anybody tell me how to do this just by applying some forces? (I mean without using Rigidbody's FreezePosition or IsKinematic variable)

     in components - physics add rigidbody
     check the box freeze rotation

     rigidbody.isKinematic = true; // through scripting kinematic means no physics      will    apply at that time 

Pretty easy one, just set the velocity of the rigid body to null.

var forceToAdd : Vector3 = Vector3(0,0,0);

rigidbody.velocity = forceToAdd;

Looks like it can't be done. Since setting the velocity to zero doesn't freeze the object, I think that the gravitational force is applied by the physics engine after FixedUpdate() returns.