How to fully instantiate a Prefab from within a script, NOT dragging a reference to the object in the scene?

I’m finding it hard to believe you can’t instantiate a prefab game object from code without dragging the prefab into an already existing object to give it the reference. However, that’s the only instructions I’m seeing online.

Example from Unity - Manual: Instantiating Prefabs at run time

// Reference to the Prefab. Drag a Prefab into this field in the Inspector.
public GameObject myPrefab;

I don’t want to drag anything. In code only, I simply want to create a game object and then set it to the prefab, or create the prefab which inherently makes the game object. Something like this:

GameObject player;= new Prefab("Player1.prefab"); = "Player 1";
player.transform.position = new Vector3(0, 0, 0);

Does this functionality exist? If not, I’m left with creating my game object line by line in my code.

Put the prefab to Resources, then use Resources.Load