How to generate a Linux ARM build of Unity application?

I have a BeagleBoard running Ubuntu (ARM 7 architecture). The controller on the BeagleBoard is receiving (angle, depth) data of obstacles around it. The angle ranges from 0 to 360 degrees and the depth corresponds to the distance at which the obstacle is detected for that corresponding angle. I wish to generate a dynamically changing scene using (angle, depth) that should depict the environment around the Beagleboard. I have been able to create the scene using Unity Pro which creates walls for the corresponding (angle, depth) reading.

The part where I am stuck is I don’t know how to generate an executable for Beagleboard as it runs Linux on ARM 7 architecture. How can I build the Unity Application for an ARM 7 architecture?

Sorry to say but there is no such option. You can only build for x86 and x86_64.