How to generate different diagonal platforms?

I’m making this game where you have slide down platforms (that are parallel) but had problems with generation. I made a little script that generates 10 of the same platforms parallel. But how do I randomly instantiate other prefabs? I tried with a random number generator and if statements but then the platforms wouldn’t be parallel anymore.

[SerializeField] private Transform platforGen1;
[SerializeField] private Transform platforGen2;
[SerializeField] private Transform platforGen3;
[SerializeField] private Transform platforGen4;

[HideInInspector] private float nextPlatformYCord = 0f;
[HideInInspector] private float nextPlatformXCord = 0f;
private float numOfPlatforms = 10f;
int x = 1;

private void Awake()
        SpawnPlatforGen1(new Vector2(10.33815f, -3.778132f) + new Vector2(nextPlatformXCord, nextPlatformYCord));
        nextPlatformXCord += 16.31f;
        nextPlatformYCord -= 10.49f;
    } while (x <= numOfPlatforms);

private void SpawnPlatforGen1(Vector2 spawnPosition)
    Instantiate(platforGen1, spawnPosition, Quaternion.identity);

What did you randomize?

I’m guessing you want to add a random rotation, so outside of the do while loop you want to create the rotation. Then pass this rotation to your spawn platform method and use it in instantiate.