How to get a clean/crisp raw image into a 4.6 canvas

I saved a 1920x1080 jpg image at max settings out of photoshop. Imported into Unity 4.6 as a raw image as a child of a canvas.The plan is to use the imported image as a background image to my UI. I set the raw image rez parameters to 1920x1080. Created a build set the player parameters to 1920x1080, full screen & Fantastic.

When the build fires up, the image is displayed at 1920x1080 as expected but is aliased like crazy and degraded a bunch. How do I get a background image for my 4.6 UI to be nice and clean so that it looks more like the original?

You may need to disable mip maps for the texture you are using. To do so, click the texture file itself in the editor, and uncheck “Generate Mip Maps” if it is checked.

This helps get clean textures:

  1. In inspector under texture dropdown > Advanced

  2. non power of 2 > None

  3. Turn off ‘generate mip maps’

  4. set the resolution appropriately

Hope that helps