How to get a costum list field from ScriptibleObject as SerializedProperty in Costum Editor

Hi Friends, no matter what I tried, I could not access the List field from the Scriptible Object converted to SerializedProperty. Does anyone have valuable information on this subject? Example Code snippet below

[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = “new PoolObjectWrapper”, menuName = “Multi Object Pool/Pool Object Wrapper”)]
public class PoolObjectWrapper : ScriptableObject {
public PoolObject poolObject;
public string name = string.Empty;
[Min(1)] public int min = 1;
[Min(1)] public int max = 10;
public bool checkable;
[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = “new PoolObjectContainer”, menuName = “Multi Object Pool/Pool Object Container”)]
public class PoolObjectContainerSO : ScriptableObject
public List poolObjects;

//This is monobehaviour class
public class MultiObjectPoolManager : MonoBehaviour {
public PoolObjectContainerSO poolObjectContainerSO;
[HideInInspector] public List poolObjectWrappers;

[CustomEditor(typeof(MultiObjectPoolManager), true)]
public class MultiObjectPoolManagerEditor : Editor {

Dictionary<PoolObjectWrapper, ObjectPool<PoolObject>> _objectPools;
SerializedProperty _poolObjects;
MultiObjectPoolManager _mopm;
GUIStyle _styleLabel;
private void OnEnable() {

    _mopm = (MultiObjectPoolManager)target;
    _poolObjects = serializedObject.FindProperty(nameof(_mopm.poolObjectWrappers));
    _objectPools = _mopm.objectPools;

public override void OnInspectorGUI() {

    for(int i = 0; i < _poolObjects.arraySize; i++) {
        SerializedProperty sp = _poolObjects.GetArrayElementAtIndex(i); EditorGUILayout.PropertyField(sp);
        SerializedProperty spName = sp.FindPropertyRelative("min");
        if (spName == null) Debug.LogWarning("sp null"); Debug.Log("Test");


i am trying to fetch local fields from PoolObjectWrapper and PoolObjectWrapper inside PoolObjectContainerSO. Briefly PoolObjectContainerSO has the list of PoolObjectWrapper and PoolObjectContainerSO is a field in monobehaviour. I am trying to access the fields in PoolObjectWrappers in Editor script belongs to MultiObjectPoolManager.

I found the exact solution to my problem here. Here is a well explained solution in the link Nested Scriptible Objects, Serialized Property, Serialized Object