How to get a mesh without UV data

Hi all

What we try to achieve is a little strange (we think). We have a lot of meshes with a lot of vertices and we want to remove the UV data we don’t use (we use realtime implicit uv computation instead to lighten the mesh). So my question is: Is it possible to import a mesh (fbx or obj) without UV.

What we already tried to do:

  • We try to import an Obj without UV but FBXImporter report an import error (not a fatal error).
  • We try to import an fbx without UV.
  • In both case when we look in MeshFilter.mesh.uv we see that the UV array is not empty.

Does unity need to have UV in the mesh or can we destroy it if we don’t need it on the shader? If we can’t import without UV, can we destroy it after import (but not at runtime)?

I Hope, I’m clear enough to make my question undestandable.
Thanks in advance

You could try too remove the UVs with OnPre / OnPostprocessModel I guess. I’ve never tried it though.