How to get a Model to move and play an animation?

I have scoured though every tutorial under the sun… youtube, unity tutorials, etc. Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge or me misunderstanding directions, but I CAN NOT manage to write a script to get a character to walk and play an animation. I’m able to get it to play an idle animation, but that’s all so far. My goal here is for the WASD keys to serve as movement keys while playing walk, left turn, right turn animation (and d to make the character walk forward as well). Hopefully a jump in the future. I’m using Microsoft Visual Studio- most of the tutorials are in Mono Develop (not sure if that makes a difference though, its all supposed to be in C# right?)- I was wondering if any of you talented developers could give me a hand with this? Thanks in advance for the help!! :slight_smile:

You can import standard asset package and there should be working third person character with examples