How to get a neon grid

Hi guys, so i have been trying to get a neon grid-like effect, like this image:206159-screen-shot-2023-04-03-at-23035-pm.png

I have watched a ton of videos and lots of google, but I just can’t figure it out, i have been using Post processing, but even after messing around with it, i can’t get the grid to look good without overpowering the glow on my player. Here is what it looks like right now:206160-screen-shot-2023-04-03-at-23240-pm.png

What you want to control for that “overpowering glow” is the Bloom effect. This can be managed in Post Processing effects. You can lower either the bloom effect or the HDR color intensity.

Look up “Grid Shader for Unity” on youtube. It’s not very simply explained since it is a shader, but this seems to be exactly what you want.

Otherwise, you can perhaps put a Line Renderer into a grid pattern, and allow HDR bloom effects on that.