How to get a single Text component from one of multiple children all containing Text components

Fairly self explanatory; I’m trying to getcomponent a specific (solitary) Text component from a gameobject containing multiple children, all of which have their own text component.

Any help appreciated.

There are many ways.

  1. You could set up a public reference in the inspector instead of using GetComponent:

    public Text mText;

  2. Almost the samething as method 1, but use a serialized private reference:

    private Text mText;

  3. Or if the text component has a unique name, then you could do a search for it:

    Text mText = GameObject.Find(“MyUniqueTextName”).GetComponent();

  4. You could also create a dummy script that you can search for with GetComponent or GetComponentInChildren:

    public class UniqueIdentifierSample : MonoBehaviour {
    then in your script:

    Text mText = GetComponentInChildren().GetComponent();

  5. Let the component set itself to the parent:

    GetComponentInParent().mText = this;
    There are more ways, such as using a singleton manager class to stores the references, but these examples should be enough. I think the 1st method is probably the easist solution. Just make a public reference and set it up in the inspector.

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