How to get a smooth mesh for Unity?

Hi, I created a character in Maya, and Export it into unity3D.

I followed tutor and Import this modeling in Unity, but the problem is the modeling isn’t smooth.

Dose any one can teach me what’s wrong I did?

Thank you!

Select the model in Unity’s project window and then in the inspector window set Normals and Tangents to “Calculate” and Adjust Smoothing Angle for what you’d want. Make sure to hit Apply when you are done.

Your smoothing groups (don’t know maya’s name for it) look like they’re set up alright, so if it were 3DS Max, all you’d need to do would be to enable smoothing groups in the FBX exporter’s export options, should be the same for maya. In the FBX exporter’s options, under geometry, enable “export smoothing groups” (should be the first check box) and it should solve the problem.

God bless you @JeffMlakar you reply helped me a lot!

Hello JeffMlakar,

Thanks for information ,but sometimes grey color shade is there ? . how to solve this problem.