How to get a specific map with procedural generation?

Need to get maps like

The pink dots are like “bridges” between allocated sectors. Was using BSP method to divide plane into quadrangles. Then in every quadrangle used cellular automaton method to generate cavelike mask to place final dots. But best mask that I can get is this.

Sorry for no code. There are a lot of it. And the main problem is that I feel that moving in the wrong direction. So I ask everybody for hint. How can i get the desired structures?

I am unsure how much research you have done up to this point but your result is looking good and procedural generation is not a trivial subject with an easy answer to the question how do I get something that looks like something else. If your code is getting large in unmaintainable take a step back and see where you can refactor and clean up. It also might help to use a tool or simulator to try out different Cellular Automata or maybe even another PCG technique before throwing them into Unity.

In the end all I can give you is resources to go look at and study.

Procedural Content Generation Wiki

Even though all these talks tackle very different level styles they cover the process of starting from a mockup and moving to procedural.

Galak-Z GDC talk

Eldritch GDC talk

Shattered Planet GDC talk Only first talk