How to get a wind effect afecting multiple meshes?

I have a very tall, and thin, tower of cubes one on top of the other, each with a rigidbody attached. I’m trying to build it higher and higher and have a wind blowing at random heights to try to blow it up and demolish it. It seems simple, but I can’t do it properly.

I need to do something as the wind zones for tree, and I cannot attach the forces to the cubes since I need something to instantiate randomly at certain times or places that “pushes” the cubes to make them fall.

I’ve tried with a particle system, but I was unable to make the particles as collider objects (is this even possible?).

Any suggestion?

You can create your own wind zone areas using trigger zones. Each trigger can apply a randomly changing force to whatever it is in contact with it via the OnTriggerStay() function.

Make sure you check that the objects inside it that you need to apply a wind force to have rigidbody’s attached.

And use “yield WaitForFixedUpdate()” at the top of the OnTriggerStay() function.