How to get access to bool from one script to another with touch input?

Button script quiet basic:

public bool wepFired = false;

void OnTouchDown()
	mat.color = selectedColour;
	wepFired = true;

Player script which handle if the button being pressed:

	FireButton wepScript = GetComponent<FireButton>();

	if(wepFired == true)
		wepFiredwithButton = true;
		wepFiredwithButton = false;
	if ( wepFiredwithButton == true) 
		Debug.Log ("AmmoSpawn");

If any can help with this problem I would much appreciate it! Thank you Dan

Change the public bool to a public static bool. then in the player script use ‘scriptName’.wepFiredWithButton
replace the ‘scriptName’ with the name of the script… Obviously.